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Well our 2nd day in NYC and we took a 3 hr cruise around the entire island. This was a pleasant experience and was more interesting than we thought it would be. Highlights were passing by Ground Zero, seeing the Statue of Liberty, passing under many famous bridges like: Brooklyn, 59th St., the Geo Washington, […]

Update… We ended up taking a cab from our hotel, the New Yorker on the NW corner block of Madison Square Garden at 8th and 34th, to the Met museum. It was just oppressively hot so we avoided much of the hot pavement and sunshine. Once at the Met, we hit the ground running. We […]

We’re on our way to see Ringo Starr at Radio City Music Hall. Today is Ringo’s 70th Birthday, so it should be festive !!! Right now we’re on the train headed down to NYC. We should arrive about 9 am. More later.

Better day today.  My wife and I paid off my car.  Now, we have both of our cars paid in full, and they’re only 3 1/2 years old.  This means it frees up more of our cash to pay down more debt in a quicker amount of time.  Good deal. Another good deal, got two […]