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It was one year ago that my Dad (Floyd Martindale, Sr.) went to be with Mama (Mary Martindale). He would have loved seeing Ireland – the rolling green hills, the farms, the farm machinery, seeing me sheer the sheep, and just talking with the locals. We miss you, Dad.

Well it’s time for me to sound off on the upcoming season for the New York Jets. On the verge of their 2010-2011 season, it can’t look any more hopeful.  The Jets during the off-season, have amassed a lineup of players that anyone in football could dream of getting during any one off-season of wheeling […]

Holly here. I thought it was my turn to update everyone on my recuperation. Today I went to see Dr. Kennedy.   He says I am healing nicely and can go back to work on Thursday.  He feels that once I get back into the routine of life, my energy level will return. I think I […]

Well it’s been 3 days since Holly had her surgery.  On Friday, July 16th, she got her Tonsils out, they also snipped two small bone-like bones in the nose, and also squared off the cut where the tonsils were to open up her throat.  This was all done to help with her breathing, and to […]

Hi everyone. Just wanted to say welcome to our Blog. Last Summer I created a Blog through which had a few entries in it.  Now with the recent purchase of our own domain, we’ve exported the few entries from the old blog over to this new one here. Take a look back at a […]

Just wanted to pass along that we now have our own personal website.  We recently registered a domain name (,  and have a very basic website built.  There’s more to come, as of this writing, but at least we have our own site now.  Here it is… Scott and Holly’s Website Enjoy!

A new Blog entry sent by Dragon Dictation App, via my iPhone. This is my first attempt at sending a blog entry by using voice dictation. This works very well, and it will be kind of cool, and will save me from having to type. I can just express my thoughts as I get them […]

So here I am writing this blog post from my email account via my iPhone. Yes, I know I am coming to the party late, but as I figure this stuff out and begin to use it, it constantly amazes me. I mean in my last post I sent that from my PC via email. […]

OK. It’s not really that hot, but here in the northeast, we’ve not had a real summer as of yet.  We’ve had cool temps for the most part, and we’ve had comfortable humidity levels.  The only bad part of this wonderful equation, is that this was all coupled with a lot of rain. Rain, rain […]

Better day today.  My wife and I paid off my car.  Now, we have both of our cars paid in full, and they’re only 3 1/2 years old.  This means it frees up more of our cash to pay down more debt in a quicker amount of time.  Good deal. Another good deal, got two […]