It is Monday. We are leaving the Highlands and heading to Blair Castle. As it is an optional, Scott and I and four other couples have opted to walk around the village of Pitlochry.

Pitlochry is like many Scottish villages with a main street of shops, pubs, cafes, banks, and hotels.

We wonder among the shops. We visit a golf shop and meet a friendly clerk who has time to chat. He tells a story which I thought I would share…

He has cousins who are potato farmers. During one season their potato crop was very successful, earning them lots of money.

So with money in an old suitcase and dressed in their usual (overalls, rubber boots) they go to see their banker. He advises them that this a lot of money and someone will think they stole it. He suggests that they use the money to purchase something they need.

They think we could use new motor transportation. They walk into a Rolls Royce shop and ask the clerk for two shiny deluxe black cars. He responds that they aren’t for sale as they can’t afford them.

Click! The suitcase opens to reveal over 300,000 pounds. They ask for the manager. The clerk is fired. They go on to the next car dealer and purchase two cars!

So don’t judge a person by his looks!!!!!!