Today we are to leave Edinburgh on a noon flight to Newark.

I shower, dress, and finish packing while Scott showers. I am thinking we are ahead of schedule.

Scott goes to take his medication and asks where I put them … I inadvertently took his Edarbi instead of my Metformin.

Edarbi is a new blood pressure med. A quick Internet check reveals it can drop blood pressure, etc.

Scott decides I should try to vomit … Calls our PCP in New York … It is 2 am in NY … Lynn is on-call and tells us to go to the ER as my blood pressure may suddenly drop and to start drinking water.

So Scott calls Peter (guide) for assistance. Leaving our suitcases at the desk we take a taxi to an urgent care center.

We met Christine who is a Nurse Practioner. She checked and felt that because Edarbi is a slow release pill and since I only took one I should be okay. However Edarbi is a beta blocker and I have had a severe reaction to beta blockers in the past…

She checks with the doctors. We are to stay for two hours and if my BP reminds okay we can fly but the question is will we be in time?

Scott tells me to stay calm as he will do the worrying. .. Like calling United, getting the suitcases brought to us, finding taxis …

My blood pressure did go up and down but in the end we made our flight and all is well.

I must report the hospital visit was free – Christine said you first visit is always free. Scott’s response was we won’t be back.

The rest of our day went well – the plane left Edinburgh early, arrived in Newark fifty minutes early, our shuttle was waiting for us.

We had an awesome trip!!!!