The plan for today is a bus tour and walking tour of Edinburgh including Edinburgh Castle.

We meet our local guide, Anne, who will show us around Edinburgh.

She points out many buildings and places of interest.

We go on to Edinburgh Castle and hear it’s story.

The views from the castle are beautiful as we are now above most of the city. Yes, Scott took lots of pictures!

We are on our own till 5:30 pm do we start exploring on our own.

We have lunch in the Hard Rock Cafe. It is Scott ‘s turn to select a guitar for our collection of Hard Rock Guitar pins. He finds two he likes – one with Edinburgh on it and one with bag pipes.

There are the usual collection of rock memorabilia, such as a cool Woodstock Poster, Beatles stuff, etc.

It is a beautiful day – it only rains for five minutes and we are inside the Hard Rock!

We find an outside Cafe. We sit and enjoy a cold drink and the warm weather.

Our final celebration dinner is at Orocco Pier in Queensferry. We are on the sea so we enjoy sailboats and mirror images.

It is Caroline’s birthday so we celebrate!

Happy Birthday Caroline!!

We have become friends so there is lots of hugging and well wishes as we depart to our rooms to prepare to leave.