Today we are going to explore the Scottish Highlands.

Our first stop is Culloden Battlefield. It was the scene of the last major battle fought on British soil.

There was a hut with a thatched roof. We are able to walk inside and see how a thatched roof is made. It is a support of one to two inch twigs, then grass and mud, and then straw thatched together with about twelve inches thick.

Our next stop is Loch Ness which the largest lake in the United Kingdom. We walk to the north end of the lake. The water is cold. The only monster we see is a clay one sold by the local artist.

Loch Ness is 23 miles long, 2 miles wide, and 1000 feet deep at the deepest.

Our lunch break is in Inverness which is the largest city in the Highlands.

Inverness means at the mouth of the river Ness. Inverness has a pedestrian street with souvenir shops, pubs, stores, and more. It is a beautifully warm day. It is 68 degrees at 12:30 pm. It is say 5 without rain!

Next we travel to Tomatin Distillery to see how they distill whiskey. After we see a video, we are given a wee dram of whiskey.

We each given a glass with whiskey. Then we are instructed as to how to drink whiskey:

1. Switch the whiskey around in your glass and smell with your nose with your mouth slightly open.
2. Take a swollen of whiskey.
3. Switch it around in your mouth.
4. Swollen
5. Some people believe you should add a few drops of water to the second swollen to experience the full flavor.