Tonight is the “Highlands Dinner”.

Let’s talk about our hotel first. It is a old hotel. Our key is a “church key”. We have three single beds – all needing new mattresses but then so far most hotels have needed new mattresses. We have both a shower and a tub but getting the shower to have hot water is a challenge.

We are on the first floor with windows that open, no air conditioning. Plus there are no screens. It is another beautiful day. So the question is how safe is it to leave the windows open?

Since we have had four nights in four hotels, we need to rinse out clothes but in this room hanging is a challenge…

There are four coaches here so dinner tonight will be with over 120 people.

Haggis is … A Scottish delicacy … We think it is lamb with oatmeal although some one heard it was made in sheep stomach. The presentation of the haggis begins with a Scottish Bagpiper. A waiter brings in a plate with a mound of haggis with huge onion and olive eyes, tomato brows, and lettuce hair.

It was served with mashed potato and turnip on top and gravy. Personally I did not like it. Scott, however, ate the whole thing.

I do need to say bravo for the wait staff. They fed us quickly and efficiently!