Do you remember when you heard a song for the first time, how it affected you, or how it influenced you, something that sounded so different, so new, an impact song…???

Sometimes, like it is for me now, you know the music, but not necessarily the names of the bands.  I know during my run of listening to the radio, it could be five or six songs in a row before they might give out the name of a band or a single, and most times nothing at all.  It was frustrating.

When you hear a song for the first time, especially in that setting, you do what you have to to find out what that song was, you hunger for it, crave it, gotta have it.

This reminds me of some memories of some songs which I heard and was taken by, the first time I heard them.  It’s not that they were new and became the best thing on Earth, it’s just that the songs in question hit at a time where I was struck by their sound and knew it was something that would infiltrate my soul…..

…..I remember three songs that struck me the first time I heard them.  There were plenty of others, but here is a few minutes with these three….

I remember the local college radio station played this tune called “Radio Free Europe”.  I was haunted by the song’s sound.  It was something I hadn’t heard before.

After hearing this song, I leaped up out of my chair and called the Station, ….”Hey, what was that song you just played….?”  They replied, “That was a band called R.E.M., and the name of the tune was Radio Free Europe……”


Cool!  I said.  (Well everyone said that back then……)  I went out and found the album and bought it.  The Album was called Murmur.  That was the start of a long relationship with that band that lasted about 17 years.  And though they’re still going strong, minus their drummer now, I have stopped listening to them, as of 2000.

Why you may ask.  Because in interviews they gave back in 1980, they always stated they wanted to make music for 20 years and be done with it.  And I held them true to their wishes.

I think in most respects, perhaps they should have too, IMHO…

The next song I remember was….”She Talks in Stereo” by Gary Myrick and the Figures.  Looking back, I don’t have the same fond memories with this band that I eventually had with R.E.M., as Gary Myrick and the Figures never did pan out like I thought they would.

I do remember at the time though, how struck I was when I heard their song.  It had a catchy chorus, and Gary sounded a bit like Tom Petty to me, who was pretty popular then.   Here is a video of the song which occurred Live at the Ritz in 1980.


Unfortunately for me, it didn’t have the staying power that the R.E.M. tune did.  So even though it had the same initial effect, it wasn’t to be.  What’s interesting though, is that because of that impact, I never forgot the song to this day.

Lastly for me, a song that I heard that I thought was new and exciting, something that was for me completely different, was the eerie sounding song — “Icehouse” by the band Icehouse.  This one was a winner for me as I remained pretty big fans of theirs for years as well.

They were a band from Australia.  They didn’t hit the big time with this song, but later songs, they sure did, but this is what started it for me.  In this video clip, listen more to the Music and don’t take the video literally.  To be honest, their album cover sums up the whole song in itself.

See what you think.  Here is the Album cover from that time…



Here is a youtube video with the song…again, look at the picture of the Cover Art above here, while listening to the song from youtube…


Icehouse hit is big with songs like “Crazy”, “Electric Blue”, “Great Southern Land”, “No Promises”, but I will always be fond of that first track.  “Icehouse.”

Ah the memories, what ones do you remember?